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Carpenters Local 1281 - Anchorage Alaska
Carpenters Local 1281

Anchorage Alaska

Partnered Contractors

Carpenters Local 1281 - Anchorage Alaska

Anchorage Contractors

Cornerstone General Contractors

Joe Jolley - President
Jonathan Hornak - Vice President
Keenan Quirk - Lead Superintendent
Sheila Hill 
Brittany Larsen

Davis Constructors

Luke Blomfield - President
Jed Shandy - Vice President
Greg Romack
Jacque Cato

F&W Construction

Robbie Capps - President
Dianne Heverling

SR Bales

Dylan Bales - President
Steve & Jill Bales 
Tyler Bales - Vice President

Hickel Construction & Engineering

Peter Hickel - President
Vern Hickel - Senior PM

Weldin Construction

Tom Selmer - President

Neeser Construction

Jerry Neeser - President

Roger Hickel Contracting Inc

Sean Hickel - President
Roger Hickel- Director
Scott Dunlap - Vice President

Unit Company

Mike Fall - President

Kiewitt Pacific

Paul Swalling
Jeffery Van
Steve Rowe

Excel Construction

Mike Gould - Project Manager
Carmen Lyon

K-C Corporation

Michael Hutchins - President/Owner
Brett Stubbs - President/Owner
Jesse James - Superintendent

Silver Mountain

Jerry Neeser - President

Roger Hickel Contracting Inc

Sean Hickel - President

Unit Company

Mike Fall - President

Kiewitt Pacific

Justin Robertson
Conor Bethka

White Mountain Construction

Summit Holding, LLC
Jacob Fellman
- Manager

West Coast Concrete Restoration

Joe Hoffman - Manager
Michael Mitchel
Rhonda Mitchel
Tina Mitchel

Eklutna Construction & Maintenance

Bill Doss
Dick Weldin
Debra Slowikowski
- Bookkeeper

Tyonek Contractor Services LLC

Wendell Doss


David Olson
Shane Donahue

Fairbanks Contractors

American Mechanical Inc

Dennis Mitchel - President
Karen Mitchel - Vice President

Blake LLC

Jared Lundgren
Jake Eggleston

Ghemm Company

Meg Nordale - President
Mike Davis - Vice President
Bristol Bay Industrial, LLC

Johnson River Enterprise LLC

RT Lindner - President

JGC Inc.

Nathan Johnson - President
Leila Johnson - Vice President

Southeast Contractors

Alaska Commercial Contractors

Jason Murdoch - Owner
Doug Courtney - Owner
Paul Moran - Foreman
Robert Ritter - Foreman
Chad Dieffenbacher - Foreman

Henricksen Constructors Inc.

Tim Henricksen - Owner

Island Contractors

Mike Sturrock - Owner
Chris Lombard - Foreman
Danial Gibb - Foreman

Dawson Construction

Jake Abel
Ron Reed
Jason Sabin
Michael Schneeberger

Millwrights Contractors

Certified Repair Services

Kelvin Kast - Superintendent


Sam Fraser

Ethos Energy

Paul Gonzales
Jason Brown

Jaffa Construction Inc.

Ben Jaffa

Piledrivers & Divers Contractors

American Marine

David Shanazarian

Global Offshore Divers

Diedre Coots


Mara Ferderber

Orion Marine Group

George Tipner

Western Marine

Chris Hart

Pacific Pile & Marine

Andy Romine

Turnagain Marine Construction

Jason Davis

Swalling General Contractors LLC

Paul Swalling
Steve Rowe

Unit Company

Mike Fall - President

Kiewit Construction

Sandstrom & Sons

Jeff Sandstrom

Brice Inc.

Bryce Erickson

Ballard Diving

Jesse Hutton

Kelly-Ryan (Heko)

Kelly Pleas - President

Manson Construction

Tester Drilling

Peter Tester
Ilse Tester

Hamilton Construction

John Szymik

Other Contractors

BEK of Alaska

Jason King - President
Noel Villegas - Vice President

Excel Construction

Mike Gould - President

KC Corporation

Michael Hutchins
Jesse James

Overhead Door Company

Grace Rudy
Jason Burgess

Excel Construction

Mike Gould


Grace Rudy
Jason Burgess

LMF Services

Festus LaChester IV

Arete Construction Corp.

Ed Sessions

Admiralty Construction Inc.

Andrew Campbell

Far North Acoustics

Jon Andreasen

Elite Acoustic & Interiors

Jason Jensen

Soule Acoustics

Ron Soule

Spectra LLC

Spencer Damschroder

Safway Services LLC

Kevin Rogina

Arctic Solar Ventures

Jackie Savina - President
Steve Trimble - Vice President

AK Glazing

Alex Arseneau

Local 1281 is dedicated to improving the Alaska building and construction trades industry. We strive to improve the working conditions and standard of living on behalf of all workers.

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